NW Examiner Article

In its November issue, the NW Examiner highlighted the Portland Bridge Climb on its front page. See the full article in the link below along with quotes from some of the readers. 


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I just saw your article in today’s paper. My daughter and I climbed the bridge in Sydney two years ago. It was the highlight of our two week vacation in Australia. Louis Swart

I was very intrigued with your article, “Climb the Fremont Bridge” [December 2017]. I am exhilarated with the idea that we Portlanders may one day climb Fremont Bridge, just as they do in Sydney. That would be an excellent idea, and I believe many people would be echoing the concept. Many might see a potential lawsuit in climbing the Fremont Bridge, but with a railing and a harness, it might be quite secure. It could be a very exciting step into the future. Marta Pustkowski