Ryan and his brothers visited the Sydney Bridge Climb in March 2016. As a Portland native, an avid traveler and someone who enjoys the outdoors he came back to Portland and saw an opportunity to turn the iconic Fremont Bridge into a premium experiential tourist attraction.

Bro - Sydney Bridge Climb 1.jpeg
Bro - Sydney Bridge Climb 2.jpeg

Major metro cities have an iconic tourist attraction

Seattle Space Needle.jpg

Seattle Space Needle

Statue of Liberty.jpg

Statue of Liberty New York

St. Louis Arch.jpg

St. Louis Arch 

Portland is ready for one too

  • In 2016, Portland had over 18M visitors with 9.1M overnight stays

  • Tourists spent over $5.2B in Portland, and more than $11.3B in the state employing 109,000+ people

  • The Fremont Bridge is the 2nd tallest bridge in Portland and provides an incredible view of the city and surrounding areas