Here are some of the questions we think you may have

When is the first climb? 

To be honest, we don't know. There are a number of steps to take before we will be open. The city and state have been very supportive and open to the idea and we will keep working with them to make the business come to life. 

Is it safe? 

Yes, very! The tour begins with a safety course lead by a trained guide. Each participant is supplied with a harness that is connected to the bridge at all times and additional outdoor gear needed.

Who can climb the bridge? 

We want to make the climb accessible to everyone. The tour will consist of climbing ladders and walking up stairs. If you are able to ascend stairs and climb up ladders you will be good to go!

There are some limitations though. For safety reasons you must be older than 10 years old and taller than 4 feet.

We don't know yet. Both sides of the river offer an opportunity to support the Bridge Climb and we are still working on the details. 

Here's a picture of a proposed structure to support the climb. 

Where will it start? 

Support Building.png

What will it cost? 

Similar to other climb experiences, Adults will cost between $200-$300 and Children (10-15) will cost between $90-$170.


We plan to have a reduced pricing structure for local residents and potentially memberships available as well. 

We also hope to work with local tour operators to combine our experiences in a package so that residents and visitors can enjoy the main activities in the area. 

The plan is for the climb to be open every day from May thru October when the weather is best in Portland. 

From October thru April, the climb will be opened on a limited basis. During this time we will provide opportunities for free climbs to local middle and high school classes for an educational experience

What time of year will it be open? 

Your safety is our #1 priority.  We will not operate if there are any concerns for the safety of anyone climbing to the top. We will make sure you are as comfortable as possible offering additional clothing such as jackets for the rain and hats to help block the sun. 

We will close if: 

  • It's too windy
  • It's too cold and there is a chance it will be icy or snowy
  • There are thunderstorms in the area

Will weather impact whether we can climb? 

When you get to the climb we want to make sure you are comfortable and safe. Before going up everyone puts on an outfit that helps avoid distractions for cars and keeps you protected from the weather. We then outfit you with a harness and walk you through a miniature climb so you know what to expect. 

After we go through the training, the guide leaders will take you on the bridge. During the walk, the guide leaders provide an educational experience that takes you through the history of the city of Portland, the Fremont Bridge and the surrounding bridges. 

Why does it take 2-3 hours to climb? 

Send us a note by clicking the link below. We will do our best to answer your question(s). We will also add more information under this page as we get more questions. 

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